Back2Us Radio Network

Program Purpose

Give Away What You Need The Most

Back2Us Radio is more than a podcast–it was the first African American female-owned podcast network.  In a time when other podcasts were seeking ways to monetize their brand, Back2Us Radio went against the norm and gave away air time. Back2Us Radio Network is built on the belief of giving away what we needed the most.  Dr. Mabry started the Back2Us show with her best friend Sharon Shakespeare in March 2013.  “We needed a space to talk about the issues that we faced daily and we needed a voice that wasn’t amplified through the mainstream media.  There was not a space available for us, so we created one.”  Now, we give away air time for those who need a voice. Community-based brands and organizations focused on the betterment of our community and the advancement of marginalized communities will never pay for air time on Back2UsRadio.

We are always looking for new podcast hosts, so if you’re an advocate and want to share your knowledge with our community, let’s talk!  If you have a show idea or you know of a cause-based organization in need of a magnified voice, please reach out to us.

Educate. Empower. Enlighten.

We are here for you.  Let’s create change together.